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Pope “Francis”; and Mary…more Important than Jesus Christ?

Anything or anyone who prays other than to our Lord and savior is rooted in Satan. Whether they know or not! However God judges the heart.

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Pope Francis About To Decree Virgin Mary To Be More Important Than Jesus Christ?
For most of the world, Pope Francis is the one pope that everyone seems to like. With is open mind and open attitude to other religions, as well as his more humanist approach to being Catholic, many have fallen under his spell of universal peace. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on the pope’s actions that appeal to others. This includes stating that atheists are also saved, inviting Muslims to pray Islamic prayers at the Vatican, and even stating that Evangelizing is one thing that doesn’t equate to personal happiness.
However, many Evangelical Christians are not happy with the pope. With reports such as Pope Francis saying the only way to God is through the Catholic Church (and not Jesus Christ, who said He was the way) to promoting Chrislam (A religion made by combining Christianity…

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