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My husband and I were watching the Simpsons the other night (ironic for this article as its often a show we don’t deem to be appropriate) and Reverend LoveJoy, one of the characters said this:

“He doesn’t come with a pitchfork. The devil has taken a more seductive form…Pleasing to the eye


I believe our eyes we made to gaze on the beauty of Jesus. They were made to absorb purity. They were made to stare so deeply in the His eyes like fire. 

I also believe that one of the enemy’s most powerful weapons to use against us is to rob us of the our gaze on Jesus. How does he do this? Put anything and everything possible to turn our gaze away and spiritually blind us piece by piece.

In this world we have let our eyes be infiltrated with so much of everything BUT…

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God Wins

We the Redeemed

I love, I love, I LOVE when you are going about normal life and then BOOM! God strikes.

Lately I have been struggling with judgment. I mean, seriously, guy…did you really just wear that to Walmart? People can see you! Then I look down and realize I am still wearing my yoga pants (decoded: pajamas) and an oversized hoodie. I obviously didn’t try to look like a super model for grocery shopping! So who am I to pass judgment on him? BOOM! God strikes. Revealing my sin in a simple passing thought.

My son and I were recently having a rough day. As I am scolding him for not picking up his things, I see a stack of papers, books, snacks, etc. on my coffee table; none of which belong there. BOOM! God strikes again.

Our Father is so relatable. When He speaks to us, the Heavens do not have…

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Syria: Gang of Muslims Behead a Christian Man Then Shove a Cross Through His Heart

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Syria Christian - Fadi
Fadi, a Syrian Christian Beheaded by Muslims for Wearing a Cross on His Necklace. Photo courtesy of: Shoebat.com

by, Theodore Shoebat | Shoebat.comFides News Agency

 A Muslim gang in Syria seized a young Christian man and as soon as they spotted his Crucifix, they violently decapitated him and shoved his crucifix through his chest.

Here is the heart wrenching video of the victim’s mother recalling the deplorable and sadistic murder of her beloved son.

The police arrested the five terrorists who committed the murder (two of whom were not Syrian) and when they told the mother that they caught the killers of her son, she replied, “May the Lord forgive them.”




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Lincoln,Nebraska: Muslim Immigrants Transform a Church Into a Mosque

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Lincoln Nebraska - Sabah Church Into Mosque
Among the members of the Sabah Youth Group are (from left): Senad Topalovic, Elyla Sarajlic, Selma Salja, Melisa Sarajlic, Senada Gusic and Abdul Zhaiya. Photo courtesy of: Lincoln Star Journal

by, Erin Andersen | Lincoln Journal Star

Melisa Sarajlic and Senada Gusic were Lincoln kindergartners when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

The girls, both Bosnian immigrants, didn’t grasp the magnitude of the event at the time, but they clearly remember hostility and distrust for anyone Muslim.

So they kept quiet about their faith, their beliefs and their traditions.

“Growing up was really hard. I was struggling with my culture and religion,” recalled Sarajlic, now 18. “In school when people talked about their religion, I didn’t want to tell them. It was so hard; I just wanted to fit in.”

Her parents fled Bosnia during the war. They chose to immigrate to the United…

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Nation’s Largest Mega-Mosque Coming to Houston Texas

simply WAKE UP

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No More Mosques in America

by, Vinienco.com

The largest Indonesian mosque in the United States will be constructed in Houston, Texas on a 5,142 acre plot of land that was purchased on 08 August 2013 by the Indonesian American Muslim Community (IAMC) for $540,023.00/us.

According to a press release by the Indonesian Consulate General received on Monday in Houston, the mosque will be constructed on Old Richmond Road in Sugarland, just southwest of Houston City. 

Chairman of the IAMC, Zulfan Efendi, said the land in Houston was purchased with donations from Indonesians living in the United States, particularly those living in Houston.

He added that the mosque will have dormitories, stores, a gymnasium and other facilities.  He predicts the construction of the mosque will be completed by March 2016.

Did you know.. there are already more than 77 mosques in Houston Texas?


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source:   http://upww.us/vinienco/2013/09/24/coming-houston-texas-5000-acres-purchased-mega-mosque/

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