God Wins

We the Redeemed

I love, I love, I LOVE when you are going about normal life and then BOOM! God strikes.

Lately I have been struggling with judgment. I mean, seriously, guy…did you really just wear that to Walmart? People can see you! Then I look down and realize I am still wearing my yoga pants (decoded: pajamas) and an oversized hoodie. I obviously didn’t try to look like a super model for grocery shopping! So who am I to pass judgment on him? BOOM! God strikes. Revealing my sin in a simple passing thought.

My son and I were recently having a rough day. As I am scolding him for not picking up his things, I see a stack of papers, books, snacks, etc. on my coffee table; none of which belong there. BOOM! God strikes again.

Our Father is so relatable. When He speaks to us, the Heavens do not have…

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