Our Eyes by Dani Stobbs-Gallipeau

theGROVE Speaks


My husband and I were watching the Simpsons the other night (ironic for this article as its often a show we don’t deem to be appropriate) and Reverend LoveJoy, one of the characters said this:

“He doesn’t come with a pitchfork. The devil has taken a more seductive form…Pleasing to the eye


I believe our eyes we made to gaze on the beauty of Jesus. They were made to absorb purity. They were made to stare so deeply in the His eyes like fire. 

I also believe that one of the enemy’s most powerful weapons to use against us is to rob us of the our gaze on Jesus. How does he do this? Put anything and everything possible to turn our gaze away and spiritually blind us piece by piece.

In this world we have let our eyes be infiltrated with so much of everything BUT…

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