Nation’s Largest Mega-Mosque Coming to Houston Texas

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No More Mosques in America


The largest Indonesian mosque in the United States will be constructed in Houston, Texas on a 5,142 acre plot of land that was purchased on 08 August 2013 by the Indonesian American Muslim Community (IAMC) for $540,023.00/us.

According to a press release by the Indonesian Consulate General received on Monday in Houston, the mosque will be constructed on Old Richmond Road in Sugarland, just southwest of Houston City. 

Chairman of the IAMC, Zulfan Efendi, said the land in Houston was purchased with donations from Indonesians living in the United States, particularly those living in Houston.

He added that the mosque will have dormitories, stores, a gymnasium and other facilities.  He predicts the construction of the mosque will be completed by March 2016.

Did you know.. there are already more than 77 mosques in Houston Texas?,Houston,+TX&ei=Y95GUvrsPNSy4AON5oCoBg&ved=0CKQBEMgT

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